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CVS only : check the Changelog file for a really accurate description

Items not finished and worked on, get in touch with the list if you want to test those

2.4.24: Aug 22 2002

  • XPath fixes (William), xf:escape-uri() (Wesley Terpstra)
  • Python binding fixes: makefiles (William), generator, rpm build, x86-64 (fcrozat)
  • HTML <style> and boolean attributes serializer fixes
  • C14N improvements by Aleksey
  • doc cleanups: Rick Jones
  • Windows compiler makefile updates: Igor and Elizabeth Barham
  • XInclude: implementation of fallback and xml:base fixup added

2.4.23: July 6 2002

  • performances patches: Peter Jacobi
  • c14n fixes, testsuite and performances: Aleksey Sanin
  • added xmlDocFormatDump: Chema Celorio
  • new tutorial: John Fleck
  • new hash functions and performances: Sander Vesik, portability fix from Peter Jacobi
  • a number of bug fixes: XPath (William Brack, Richard Jinks), XML and HTML parsers, ID lookup function
  • removal of all remaining sprintf: Aleksey Sanin

2.4.22: May 27 2002

  • a number of bug fixes: configure scripts, base handling, parser, memory usage, HTML parser, XPath, documentation (Christian Cornelssen), indentation, URI parsing
  • Optimizations for XMLSec, fixing and making public some of the network protocol handlers (Aleksey)
  • performance patch from Gary Pennington
  • Charles Bozeman provided date and time support for XML Schemas datatypes

2.4.21: Apr 29 2002

This release is both a bug fix release and also contains the early XML Schemas structures and datatypes code, beware, all interfaces are likely to change, there is huge holes, it is clearly a work in progress and don't even think of putting this code in a production system, it's actually not compiled in by default. The real fixes are:

  • a couple of bugs or limitations introduced in 2.4.20
  • patches for Borland C++ and MSC by Igor
  • some fixes on XPath strings and conformance patches by Richard Jinks
  • patch from Aleksey for the ExcC14N specification
  • OSF/1 bug fix by Bjorn

2.4.20: Apr 15 2002

  • bug fixes: file descriptor leak, XPath, HTML output, DTD validation
  • XPath conformance testing by Richard Jinks
  • Portability fixes: Solaris, MPE/iX, Windows, OSF/1, python bindings, libxml.m4

2.4.19: Mar 25 2002

  • bug fixes: half a dozen XPath bugs, Validation, ISO-Latin to UTF8 encoder
  • portability fixes in the HTTP code
  • memory allocation checks using valgrind, and profiling tests
  • revamp of the Windows build and Makefiles

2.4.18: Mar 18 2002

  • bug fixes: tree, SAX, canonicalization, validation, portability, XPath
  • removed the --with-buffer option it was becoming unmaintainable
  • serious cleanup of the Python makefiles
  • speedup patch to XPath very effective for DocBook stylesheets
  • Fixes for Windows build, cleanup of the documentation

2.4.17: Mar 8 2002

  • a lot of bug fixes, including "namespace nodes have no parents in XPath"
  • fixed/improved the Python wrappers, added more examples and more regression tests, XPath extension functions can now return node-sets
  • added the XML Canonicalization support from Aleksey Sanin

2.4.16: Feb 20 2002

  • a lot of bug fixes, most of them were triggered by the XML Testsuite from OASIS and W3C. Compliance has been significantly improved.
  • a couple of portability fixes too.

2.4.15: Feb 11 2002

  • Fixed the Makefiles, especially the python module ones
  • A few bug fixes and cleanup
  • Includes cleanup

2.4.14: Feb 8 2002

  • Change of License to the MIT License basically for integration in XFree86 codebase, and removing confusion around the previous dual-licensing
  • added Python bindings, beta software but should already be quite complete
  • a large number of fixes and cleanups, especially for all tree manipulations
  • cleanup of the headers, generation of a reference API definition in XML

2.4.13: Jan 14 2002

  • update of the documentation: John Fleck and Charlie Bozeman
  • cleanup of timing code from Justin Fletcher
  • fixes for Windows and initial thread support on Win32: Igor and Serguei Narojnyi
  • Cygwin patch from Robert Collins
  • added xmlSetEntityReferenceFunc() for Keith Isdale work on xsldbg

2.4.12: Dec 7 2001

  • a few bug fixes: thread (Gary Pennington), xmllint (Geert Kloosterman), XML parser (Robin Berjon), XPointer (Danny Jamshy), I/O cleanups (robert)
  • Eric Lavigne contributed project files for MacOS
  • some makefiles cleanups

2.4.11: Nov 26 2001

  • fixed a couple of errors in the includes, fixed a few bugs, some code cleanups
  • xmllint man pages improvement by Heiko Rupp
  • updated VMS build instructions from John A Fotheringham
  • Windows Makefiles updates from Igor

2.4.10: Nov 10 2001

  • URI escaping fix (Joel Young)
  • added xmlGetNodePath() (for paths or XPointers generation)
  • Fixes namespace handling problems when using DTD and validation
  • improvements on xmllint: Morus Walter patches for --format and --encode, Stefan Kost and Heiko Rupp improvements on the --shell
  • fixes for xmlcatalog linking pointed by Weiqi Gao
  • fixes to the HTML parser

2.4.9: Nov 6 2001

  • fixes more catalog bugs
  • avoid a compilation problem, improve xmlGetLineNo()

2.4.8: Nov 4 2001

  • fixed SGML catalogs broken in previous release, updated xmlcatalog tool
  • fixed a compile errors and some includes troubles.

2.4.7: Oct 30 2001

  • exported some debugging interfaces
  • serious rewrite of the catalog code
  • integrated Gary Pennington thread safety patch, added configure option and regression tests
  • removed an HTML parser bug
  • fixed a couple of potentially serious validation bugs
  • integrated the SGML DocBook support in xmllint
  • changed the nanoftp anonymous login passwd
  • some I/O cleanup and a couple of interfaces for Perl wrapper
  • general bug fixes
  • updated xmllint man page by John Fleck
  • some VMS and Windows updates

2.4.6: Oct 10 2001

  • added an updated man pages by John Fleck
  • portability and configure fixes
  • an infinite loop on the HTML parser was removed (William)
  • Windows makefile patches from Igor
  • fixed half a dozen bugs reported for libxml or libxslt
  • updated xmlcatalog to be able to modify SGML super catalogs

2.4.5: Sep 14 2001

  • Remove a few annoying bugs in 2.4.4
  • forces the HTML serializer to output decimal charrefs since some version of Netscape can't handle hexadecimal ones

1.8.16: Sep 14 2001

  • maintenance release of the old libxml1 branch, couple of bug and portability fixes

2.4.4: Sep 12 2001

  • added --convert to xmlcatalog, bug fixes and cleanups of XML Catalog
  • a few bug fixes and some portability changes
  • some documentation cleanups

2.4.3: Aug 23 2001

  • XML Catalog support see the doc
  • New NaN/Infinity floating point code
  • A few bug fixes

2.4.2: Aug 15 2001

  • adds xmlLineNumbersDefault() to control line number generation
  • lot of bug fixes
  • the Microsoft MSC projects files should now be up to date
  • inheritance of namespaces from DTD defaulted attributes
  • fixes a serious potential security bug
  • added a --format option to xmllint

2.4.1: July 24 2001

  • possibility to keep line numbers in the tree
  • some computation NaN fixes
  • extension of the XPath API
  • cleanup for alpha and ia64 targets
  • patch to allow saving through HTTP PUT or POST

2.4.0: July 10 2001

  • Fixed a few bugs in XPath, validation, and tree handling.
  • Fixed XML Base implementation, added a couple of examples to the regression tests
  • A bit of cleanup

2.3.14: July 5 2001

  • fixed some entities problems and reduce memory requirement when substituting them
  • lots of improvements in the XPath queries interpreter can be substantially faster
  • Makefiles and configure cleanups
  • Fixes to XPath variable eval, and compare on empty node set
  • HTML tag closing bug fixed
  • Fixed an URI reference computation problem when validating

2.3.13: June 28 2001

  • 2.3.12 was broken as well as the push mode XML parser
  • a few more fixes for compilation on Windows MSC by Yon Derek

1.8.14: June 28 2001

  • Zbigniew Chyla gave a patch to use the old XML parser in push mode
  • Small Makefile fix

2.3.12: June 26 2001

  • lots of cleanup
  • a couple of validation fix
  • fixed line number counting
  • fixed serious problems in the XInclude processing
  • added support for UTF8 BOM at beginning of entities
  • fixed a strange gcc optimizer bugs in xpath handling of float, gcc-3.0 miscompile uri.c (William), Thomas Leitner provided a fix for the optimizer on Tru64
  • incorporated Yon Derek and Igor Zlatkovic fixes and improvements for compilation on Windows MSC
  • update of libxml-doc.el (Felix Natter)
  • fixed 2 bugs in URI normalization code

2.3.11: June 17 2001

  • updates to trio, Makefiles and configure should fix some portability problems (alpha)
  • fixed some HTML serialization problems (pre, script, and block/inline handling), added encoding aware APIs, cleanup of this code
  • added xmlHasNsProp()
  • implemented a specific PI for encoding support in the DocBook SGML parser
  • some XPath fixes (-Infinity, / as a function parameter and namespaces node selection)
  • fixed a performance problem and an error in the validation code
  • fixed XInclude routine to implement the recursive behaviour
  • fixed xmlFreeNode problem when libxml is included statically twice
  • added --version to xmllint for bug reports

2.3.10: June 1 2001

  • fixed the SGML catalog support
  • a number of reported bugs got fixed, in XPath, iconv detection, XInclude processing
  • XPath string function should now handle unicode correctly

2.3.9: May 19 2001

Lots of bugfixes, and added a basic SGML catalog support:

  • HTML push bugfix #54891 and another patch from Jonas Borgström
  • some serious speed optimization again
  • some documentation cleanups
  • trying to get better linking on Solaris (-R)
  • XPath API cleanup from Thomas Broyer
  • Validation bug fixed #54631, added a patch from Gary Pennington, fixed xmlValidGetValidElements()
  • Added an INSTALL file
  • Attribute removal added to API: #54433
  • added a basic support for SGML catalogs
  • fixed xmlKeepBlanksDefault(0) API
  • bugfix in xmlNodeGetLang()
  • fixed a small configure portability problem
  • fixed an inversion of SYSTEM and PUBLIC identifier in HTML document

1.8.13: May 14 2001

  • bugfixes release of the old libxml1 branch used by Gnome

2.3.8: May 3 2001

  • Integrated an SGML DocBook parser for the Gnome project
  • Fixed a few things in the HTML parser
  • Fixed some XPath bugs raised by XSLT use, tried to fix the floating point portability issue
  • Speed improvement (8M/s for SAX, 3M/s for DOM, 1.5M/s for DOM+validation using the XML REC as input and a 700MHz celeron).
  • incorporated more Windows cleanup
  • added xmlSaveFormatFile()
  • fixed problems in copying nodes with entities references (gdome)
  • removed some troubles surrounding the new validation module

2.3.7: April 22 2001

  • lots of small bug fixes, corrected XPointer
  • Non deterministic content model validation support
  • added xmlDocCopyNode for gdome2
  • revamped the way the HTML parser handles end of tags
  • XPath: corrections of namespaces support and number formatting
  • Windows: Igor Zlatkovic patches for MSC compilation
  • HTML output fixes from P C Chow and William M. Brack
  • Improved validation speed sensible for DocBook
  • fixed a big bug with ID declared in external parsed entities
  • portability fixes, update of Trio from Bjorn Reese

2.3.6: April 8 2001

  • Code cleanup using extreme gcc compiler warning options, found and cleared half a dozen potential problem
  • the Eazel team found an XML parser bug
  • cleaned up the user of some of the string formatting function. used the trio library code to provide the one needed when the platform is missing them
  • xpath: removed a memory leak and fixed the predicate evaluation problem, extended the testsuite and cleaned up the result. XPointer seems broken ...

2.3.5: Mar 23 2001

  • Biggest change is separate parsing and evaluation of XPath expressions, there is some new APIs for this too
  • included a number of bug fixes(XML push parser, 51876, notations, 52299)
  • Fixed some portability issues

2.3.4: Mar 10 2001

  • Fixed bugs #51860 and #51861
  • Added a global variable xmlDefaultBufferSize to allow default buffer size to be application tunable.
  • Some cleanup in the validation code, still a bug left and this part should probably be rewritten to support ambiguous content model :-\
  • Fix a couple of serious bugs introduced or raised by changes in 2.3.3 parser
  • Fixed another bug in xmlNodeGetContent()
  • Bjorn fixed XPath node collection and Number formatting
  • Fixed a loop reported in the HTML parsing
  • blank space are reported even if the Dtd content model proves that they are formatting spaces, this is for XML conformance

2.3.3: Mar 1 2001

  • small change in XPath for XSLT
  • documentation cleanups
  • fix in validation by Gary Pennington
  • serious parsing performances improvements

2.3.2: Feb 24 2001

  • chasing XPath bugs, found a bunch, completed some TODO
  • fixed a Dtd parsing bug
  • fixed a bug in xmlNodeGetContent
  • ID/IDREF support partly rewritten by Gary Pennington

2.3.1: Feb 15 2001

  • some XPath and HTML bug fixes for XSLT
  • small extension of the hash table interfaces for DOM gdome2 implementation
  • A few bug fixes

2.3.0: Feb 8 2001 (2.2.12 was on 25 Jan but I didn't kept track)

  • Lots of XPath bug fixes
  • Add a mode with Dtd lookup but without validation error reporting for XSLT
  • Add support for text node without escaping (XSLT)
  • bug fixes for xmlCheckFilename
  • validation code bug fixes from Gary Pennington
  • Patch from Paul D. Smith correcting URI path normalization
  • Patch to allow simultaneous install of libxml-devel and libxml2-devel
  • the example Makefile is now fixed
  • added HTML to the RPM packages
  • tree copying bugfixes
  • updates to Windows makefiles
  • optimization patch from Bjorn Reese

2.2.11: Jan 4 2001

  • bunch of bug fixes (memory I/O, xpath, ftp/http, ...)
  • added htmlHandleOmittedElem()
  • Applied Bjorn Reese's IPV6 first patch
  • Applied Paul D. Smith patches for validation of XInclude results
  • added XPointer xmlns() new scheme support

2.2.10: Nov 25 2000

  • Fix the Windows problems of 2.2.8
  • integrate OpenVMS patches
  • better handling of some nasty HTML input
  • Improved the XPointer implementation
  • integrate a number of provided patches

2.2.9: Nov 25 2000

  • erroneous release :-(

2.2.8: Nov 13 2000

  • First version of XInclude support
  • Patch in conditional section handling
  • updated MS compiler project
  • fixed some XPath problems
  • added an URI escaping function
  • some other bug fixes

2.2.7: Oct 31 2000

  • added message redirection
  • XPath improvements (thanks TOM !)
  • xmlIOParseDTD() added
  • various small fixes in the HTML, URI, HTTP and XPointer support
  • some cleanup of the Makefile, autoconf and the distribution content

2.2.6: Oct 25 2000:

  • Added an hash table module, migrated a number of internal structure to those
  • Fixed a posteriori validation problems
  • HTTP module cleanups
  • HTML parser improvements (tag errors, script/style handling, attribute normalization)
  • coalescing of adjacent text nodes
  • couple of XPath bug fixes, exported the internal API

2.2.5: Oct 15 2000:

  • XPointer implementation and testsuite
  • Lot of XPath fixes, added variable and functions registration, more tests
  • Portability fixes, lots of enhancements toward an easy Windows build and release
  • Late validation fixes
  • Integrated a lot of contributed patches
  • added memory management docs
  • a performance problem when using large buffer seems fixed

2.2.4: Oct 1 2000:

  • main XPath problem fixed
  • Integrated portability patches for Windows
  • Serious bug fixes on the URI and HTML code

2.2.3: Sep 17 2000

  • bug fixes
  • cleanup of entity handling code
  • overall review of all loops in the parsers, all sprintf usage has been checked too
  • Far better handling of larges Dtd. Validating against DocBook XML Dtd works smoothly now.

1.8.10: Sep 6 2000

  • bug fix release for some Gnome projects

2.2.2: August 12 2000

  • mostly bug fixes
  • started adding routines to access xml parser context options

2.2.1: July 21 2000

  • a purely bug fixes release
  • fixed an encoding support problem when parsing from a memory block
  • fixed a DOCTYPE parsing problem
  • removed a bug in the function allowing to override the memory allocation routines

2.2.0: July 14 2000

  • applied a lot of portability fixes
  • better encoding support/cleanup and saving (content is now always encoded in UTF-8)
  • the HTML parser now correctly handles encodings
  • added xmlHasProp()
  • fixed a serious problem with &#38;
  • propagated the fix to FTP client
  • cleanup, bugfixes, etc ...
  • Added a page about libxml Internationalization support

1.8.9: July 9 2000

  • fixed the spec the RPMs should be better
  • fixed a serious bug in the FTP implementation, released 1.8.9 to solve rpmfind users problem

2.1.1: July 1 2000

  • fixes a couple of bugs in the 2.1.0 packaging
  • improvements on the HTML parser

2.1.0 and 1.8.8: June 29 2000

  • 1.8.8 is mostly a commodity package for upgrading to libxml2 according to new instructions. It fixes a nasty problem about &#38; charref parsing
  • 2.1.0 also ease the upgrade from libxml v1 to the recent version. it also contains numerous fixes and enhancements:
    • added xmlStopParser() to stop parsing
    • improved a lot parsing speed when there is large CDATA blocs
    • includes XPath patches provided by Picdar Technology
    • tried to fix as much as possible DTD validation and namespace related problems
    • output to a given encoding has been added/tested
    • lot of various fixes

2.0.0: Apr 12 2000

  • First public release of libxml2. If you are using libxml, it's a good idea to check the 1.x to 2.x upgrade instructions. NOTE: while initially scheduled for Apr 3 the release occurred only on Apr 12 due to massive workload.
  • The include are now located under $prefix/include/libxml (instead of $prefix/include/gnome-xml), they also are referenced by
    #include <libxml/xxx.h>

    instead of

    #include "xxx.h"
  • a new URI module for parsing URIs and following strictly RFC 2396
  • the memory allocation routines used by libxml can now be overloaded dynamically by using xmlMemSetup()
  • The previously CVS only tool tester has been renamed xmllint and is now installed as part of the libxml2 package
  • The I/O interface has been revamped. There is now ways to plug in specific I/O modules, either at the URI scheme detection level using xmlRegisterInputCallbacks() or by passing I/O functions when creating a parser context using xmlCreateIOParserCtxt()
  • there is a C preprocessor macro LIBXML_VERSION providing the version number of the libxml module in use
  • a number of optional features of libxml can now be excluded at configure time (FTP/HTTP/HTML/XPath/Debug)

2.0.0beta: Mar 14 2000

  • This is a first Beta release of libxml version 2
  • It's available only FTP, it's packaged as libxml2-2.0.0beta and available as tar and RPMs
  • This version is now the head in the Gnome CVS base, the old one is available under the tag LIB_XML_1_X
  • This includes a very large set of changes. From a programmatic point of view applications should not have to be modified too much, check the upgrade page
  • Some interfaces may changes (especially a bit about encoding).
  • the updates includes:
    • fix I18N support. ISO-Latin-x/UTF-8/UTF-16 (nearly) seems correctly handled now
    • Better handling of entities, especially well-formedness checking and proper PEref extensions in external subsets
    • DTD conditional sections
    • Validation now correctly handle entities content
    • change structures to accommodate DOM
  • Serious progress were made toward compliance, here are the result of the test against the OASIS testsuite (except the Japanese tests since I don't support that encoding yet). This URL is rebuilt every couple of hours using the CVS head version.

1.8.7: Mar 6 2000

  • This is a bug fix release:
  • It is possible to disable the ignorable blanks heuristic used by libxml-1.x, a new function xmlKeepBlanksDefault(0) will allow this. Note that for adherence to XML spec, this behaviour will be disabled by default in 2.x . The same function will allow to keep compatibility for old code.
  • Blanks in <a> </a> constructs are not ignored anymore, avoiding heuristic is really the Right Way :-\
  • The unchecked use of snprintf which was breaking libxml-1.8.6 compilation on some platforms has been fixed
  • nanoftp.c nanohttp.c: Fixed '#' and '?' stripping when processing URIs

1.8.6: Jan 31 2000

  • added a nanoFTP transport module, debugged until the new version of rpmfind can use it without troubles

1.8.5: Jan 21 2000

  • adding APIs to parse a well balanced chunk of XML (production [43] content of the XML spec)
  • fixed a hideous bug in xmlGetProp pointed by
  • Jody Goldberg <> provided another patch trying to solve the zlib checks problems
  • The current state in gnome CVS base is expected to ship as 1.8.5 with gnumeric soon

1.8.4: Jan 13 2000

  • bug fixes, reintroduced xmlNewGlobalNs(), fixed xmlNewNs()
  • all exit() call should have been removed from libxml
  • fixed a problem with INCLUDE_WINSOCK on WIN32 platform
  • added newDocFragment()

1.8.3: Jan 5 2000

  • a Push interface for the XML and HTML parsers
  • a shell-like interface to the document tree (try tester --shell :-)
  • lots of bug fixes and improvement added over XMas holidays
  • fixed the DTD parsing code to work with the xhtml DTD
  • added xmlRemoveProp(), xmlRemoveID() and xmlRemoveRef()
  • Fixed bugs in xmlNewNs()
  • External entity loading code has been revamped, now it uses xmlLoadExternalEntity(), some fix on entities processing were added
  • cleaned up WIN32 includes of socket stuff

1.8.2: Dec 21 1999

  • I got another problem with includes and C++, I hope this issue is fixed for good this time
  • Added a few tree modification functions: xmlReplaceNode, xmlAddPrevSibling, xmlAddNextSibling, xmlNodeSetName and xmlDocSetRootElement
  • Tried to improve the HTML output with help from Chris Lahey

1.8.1: Dec 18 1999

  • various patches to avoid troubles when using libxml with C++ compilers the "namespace" keyword and C escaping in include files
  • a problem in one of the core macros IS_CHAR was corrected
  • fixed a bug introduced in 1.8.0 breaking default namespace processing, and more specifically the Dia application
  • fixed a posteriori validation (validation after parsing, or by using a Dtd not specified in the original document)
  • fixed a bug in

1.8.0: Dec 12 1999

  • cleanup, especially memory wise
  • the parser should be more reliable, especially the HTML one, it should not crash, whatever the input !
  • Integrated various patches, especially a speedup improvement for large dataset from Carl Nygard, configure with --with-buffers to enable them.
  • attribute normalization, oops should have been added long ago !
  • attributes defaulted from DTDs should be available, xmlSetProp() now does entities escaping by default.

1.7.4: Oct 25 1999

  • Lots of HTML improvement
  • Fixed some errors when saving both XML and HTML
  • More examples, the regression tests should now look clean
  • Fixed a bug with contiguous charref

1.7.3: Sep 29 1999

  • portability problems fixed
  • snprintf was used unconditionally, leading to link problems on system were it's not available, fixed

1.7.1: Sep 24 1999

  • The basic type for strings manipulated by libxml has been renamed in 1.7.1 from CHAR to xmlChar. The reason is that CHAR was conflicting with a predefined type on Windows. However on non WIN32 environment, compatibility is provided by the way of a #define .
  • Changed another error : the use of a structure field called errno, and leading to troubles on platforms where it's a macro

1.7.0: Sep 23 1999

  • Added the ability to fetch remote DTD or parsed entities, see the nanohttp module.
  • Added an errno to report errors by another mean than a simple printf like callback
  • Finished ID/IDREF support and checking when validation
  • Serious memory leaks fixed (there is now a memory wrapper module)
  • Improvement of XPath implementation
  • Added an HTML parser front-end

Daniel Veillard