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The XML C library for Gnome

libxml architecture

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Libxml is made of multiple components; some of them are optional, and most of the block interfaces are public. The main components are:

  • an Input/Output layer
  • FTP and HTTP client layers (optional)
  • an Internationalization layer managing the encodings support
  • a URI module
  • the XML parser and its basic SAX interface
  • an HTML parser using the same SAX interface (optional)
  • a SAX tree module to build an in-memory DOM representation
  • a tree module to manipulate the DOM representation
  • a validation module using the DOM representation (optional)
  • an XPath module for global lookup in a DOM representation (optional)
  • a debug module (optional)

Graphically this gives the following:

a graphical view of the various

Daniel Veillard