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raster image of animate-elem-41-t.svg

Operator Script

Run the test. No interaction required.

Pass Criteria

There are 11 graphics properties that are animated, and for each of these, they are animated in one of three different ways (the three columns). The three animations in each row must be the same.

For each animation test, the element on which the animation is applied is also translated by an animation so that the various states of the animation can be checked more easily:

The following animations must show continuous changes: fill, stroke, stroke-width, stroke-dashoffset and color.

The following animations must show discrete animation changes: fill-rule, stroke-linecap, stroke-linejoin, stroke-miterlimit, display and visibility. The point at which the change takes place must be half way through the animation, except for the stroke-miter animation, which must change a quarter of the way through. (Note that visually, stroke-miterlimit shows a sharp transition even though its value is animated continuously, but that is because the miter is cut off when the animated miter limit reaches the test sharp angle's miter value.)

The test passes if all of the above criteria are met.

Test Description

This test validates the operation of the animate element on the various graphics properties. This test is very similar to animate-elem-78-t which uses the set element instead of the animate element to modify graphics properties.

For each of the graphics properties, there are three tests. One animates the graphics property directly on an element (such as a rect or a line) which uses the property. The other two tests apply the animation on a container element (g and a), and validate that the animated property is inherited by elements which are child of the container.