Tests that contain the draft-watermark are under development and may be incorrectly testing a feature.



raster image of animate-elem-40-t.svg

Operator Script

Run the test. No interaction required.

Pass Criteria

Over the course of four seconds, the positions and sizes of elements within the document are animated. The test passes if the following conditions are met:

Test Description

This test validates that the x and y attributes can be animated on <use>, <image>, <rect> and <text> elements. The test also validates that the width and height attributes can be animated on <image> and <rect>

For x and y animation, each test shows the reference positions at specific points in the animation. These markers are highlighted at the time the target element's x/y position should match that of the marker. For the <text> element, there are two tests. The first one tests animating a single value on the text's x and y attributes. The second one tests animating x, y values where there are values for each of the text's characters. For that test (bottom left), there is a set of reference markers for each of the characters ('1' and '2').

For width and height animation (the two tests on the bottom right), the outline showing the expected width and height at given points in the animation is highlighted at the time the marker's width and height should match that of the target element.