News for the W3C mobileOK Checker

This page lists recent changes to the W3C mobileOK Checker.

News for this service are also available as an ATOM feed.

2010-01-05 - 1.3.0 release:

The 1.3.0 release of the W3C mobileOK Checker introduces direct input and file upload methods to help authors test their content for mobile-friendliness without requiring that the content is available on the Web. Some tests cannot be run when these methods are used. In particular, resources (images, stylesheets) linked from the resource under test cannot be retrieved if they are referenced using relative URIs, and tests on the HTTP headers sent with the resource cannot be run. Thus a Web page that passes all the tests in direct input or file upload modes cannot be said to be mobileOK™.

Here is the complete list of bug fixes since previous release:

  • Bug Fix: CHARACTER_ENCODING-SUPPORT-2 may be reported twice (Bug 7267)
  • Bug Fix: Type attribute in link element may include more than just the media type (Bug 8254)
  • Bug Fix: CACHING-7 on invalid Last-Modified and Etag triggered incorrectly (Bug 8382)
  • Bug Fix: A page that is slightly too big may still be reported as mobileOK (Bug 8384)
  • Bug Fix: Invalid markup message does not warn about the fact that further tests may not have been run. (Bug 8612)
  • New: Add a "direct input" method to test content with a mere copy and paste (Bug 8613)
  • New: Add a "file upload" method to test local content (Bug 8614)
  • New: Display markup source at the end of the report (Bug 8615)
  • Bug Fix: CSS validation: @import rules are processed by the CSS validator (Bug 8626)
2009-09-10 - 1.2.2 release:

The 1.2.2 release of the W3C mobileOK Checker is a maintenance release. It refreshes the Checker's home page, clarifies a few messages and fixes a few bugs reported by users.

Here is the complete list of bug fixes since previous release:

  • Bug Fix: CHARACTER_ENCODING messages: the "first child" rule for the meta element should be explained (Bug 7155)
  • Bug Fix: Internal IOException thrown when user is redirected to home page (Bug 7228)
  • Bug Fix: UI crash possible when an image size is over a MB (Bug 7230)
  • Bug Fix: External DTDs may still be resolved (Bug 7231)
  • Bug Fix: Total page size may be reported using scientific notation (Bug 7233)
  • Bug Fix: Startup failure possible when running the Checker as part of a daemon (Bug 7250)
  • Improvement: Warning about application/xhtml+xml should not be returned when content is HTML (Bug 7462)
  • Bug Fix: W3C Validation badges trigger HTTP_RESPONSE-11 (Bug 7464)
  • Bug Fix: Invalid CSS Level 1 constructs are reported as syntax errors instead of warnings (Bug 7495)
  • Improvement: CONTENT_FORMAT_SUPPORT-11: message should state CSS validation is against CSS Level 1 (Bug 7496)
  • Improvement: CONTENT_FORMAT_SUPPORT-3: also triggered by invalid DOCTYPE declarations (Bug 7498)
2009-08-04 - 1.2.1 release:

The 1.2.1 release of the W3C mobileOK Checker is a maintenance release that fixes memory leaks and several crash conditions. The mobileOK Checker now also uses the latest version of the CSS validator.

Here is the complete list of bug fixes since previous release:

  • Bug Fix: Back button: no way to go back to the results page (Bug 7071)
  • Bug Fix: Invalid metadata in GIF images may crash the Checker (Bug 7082)
  • Improvement: Make checker UI standalone (Bug 7085)
  • Bug Fix: Cache entry not removed from the cache directly after computation (Bug 7149)
  • Bug Fix: Memory leak: TesterConfiguration kept in threads local storage once thread is over (Bug 7172)
  • Bug Fix: Memory leak: reset TesterConfiguration instance when check is over (Bug 7174)
  • Bug Fix: CSS content: stream sent to the CSS validator may not be encoded in UTF-8 (Bug 7178)
  • Bug Fix: XHTML/CSS validations fail when UTF-8 BOM is used (Bug 7180)
  • Bug Fix: A leading space in an image "src" attribute with an absolute URI makes the Checker crash (Bug 7181)
  • Bug Fix: The Checker says an empty stream is not a valid UTF-8 stream. (Bug 7200)
  • Bug Fix: GIF/JPEG and UTF-8 validation error messages may end up with "null". (Bug 7201)
  • New: Use latest version of the CSS validator (Bug 7203)
  • Bug Fix: CONTENT_FORMAT_SUPPORT-10 not returned when mime type is unknown (Bug 7210)
2009-06-30 - 1.2.0 release:

The 1.2.0 release of the W3C mobileOK Checker introduces expandable sections in the report, severity levels for failures, more details in the results table to e.g. quickly see where size is lost, and features a new Where to start... section to help authors determine which failures should be fixed first. A Congratulations section gets displayed when the page is mobileOK and explains how mobileOK conformance may be claimed, in particular using POWDER. The underlying mobileOK Checker library underwent a complete re-factoring for more extensibility and better performance.

Here is the complete list of bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Bug Fix: The checker crashed when invalid XML pages could not be tidied properly (Bug 5921)
  • Bug Fix: No tests performed when the XML encoding is set to an unknown value (Bug 6284)
  • Bug Fix: An extra quote in the DOCTYPE declaration makes the Checker crash (Bug 6718)
  • Bug Fix: moki: incorrect entity content in redirect HTTPResponse elements (Bug 6797)
  • Bug Fix: moki: fragment references to the primary resources are retrieved (Bug 6798)
  • Bug Fix: moki: the URI of external stylesheets is invalid (Bug 6799)
  • Improvement: Re-factor the library to make it truly extensible (Bug 6800)
  • Bug Fix: AbstractXSLTTestImplementation: the path to the XSLT stylesheet should not be hardcoded (Bug 6815)
  • Improvement: Resources loading: slight inconsistency in the code (Bug 6816)
  • Bug Fix: Duplicated classes: ClasspathURIResolver and DOMUtils.XSLTURIResolver (Bug 6817)
  • Bug Fix: Running the Checker on an image may return PASS or crash the library (Bug 6818)
  • Bug Fix: CSS extraction: type and media pseudo-attributes not handled on xml-stylesheet processing instructions (Bug 6823)
  • Bug Fix: Redirections: parsing of the Location HTTP header may raise HTTP_RESPONSE-5 incorrectly (Bug 6824)
  • Improvement: Resource retrieval: the same URI may appear more than once (Bug 6826)
  • Improvement: Resource retrieval: the same URI may be retrieved more than once (Bug 6827)
  • Bug Fix: HTTP_RESPONSE-1 not triggered properly on network and/or DNS errors (Bug 6828)
  • Bug Fix: OBJECTS_OR_SCRIPT-2 FAIL may be overriden by OBJECTS_OR_SCRIPT-3 WARN (Bug 6855)
  • Bug Fix: STYLE_SHEETS_USE-4 may be triggered incorrectly on embedded styles (Bug 6928)
  • Improvement: "The CSS Style contains invalid at-rules, properties, or values" is too strong (Bug 6931)
  • Bug Fix: DEFAULT_INPUT_MODE-2 message incorrect! (Bug 6932)
  • New: Page size: possibility to expand for more details (Bug 6957)
  • New: Network: possibility to expand for more details (Bug 6958)
  • New: Code extracts: restrict list to one or two items (Bug 6959)
  • New: Code extracts: clarify that they are code extracts from the resource under test (Bug 6961)
  • Bug Fix: LINK_TARGET_FORMAT-1: javascript URIs should not be reported (Bug 6966)
  • New: Scoring: make scoring more visible to end users (Bug 6967)
  • New: Scoring: possibility to expand for more details (Bug 6970)
  • New: Command-line: possibility to specify different configuration settings (Bug 6972)
  • Bug Fix: Rounding trouble: page size is 0KB if size is lower than 500 bytes (Bug 7058)
  • Bug Fix: A NullPointerException may be triggered in Resource.parseUri when baseUri is null (Bug 7067)
  • New: Add a Congratulations section with POWDER claim when the page is mobileOK (Bug 7070)
2009-02-04 - 1.1.0 release:

The 1.1.0 release of the W3C mobileOK Checker features a user-friendly interlude page that is displayed while the mobileOK Checker runs in the background. The interlude page relies on the use of unobtrusive AJAX code, meaning that the page should not be displayed if the browser does not support scripts or the XMLHttpRequest object. On the server side, the mobileOK Checker User Interface was rewritten as a Java HTTP Servlet.

The new release also incorporates a number of bug fixes in the underlying mobileOK Checker Java Library, and a few additional static HTML pages to :

  • New: the News page lists the changelog for new versions of the Checker.
  • New: the Help page provides answers to common questions one may have on the Checker.
  • New: a link to the Help page now appears at the beginning of mobileOK reports.
  • Improvement: the Feedback page was completed with recommendations to use the for discussion on mobile tips and techniques.
  • Improvement: the number of warnings is not displayed anymore as it lead to confusion. Warnings do not necessarily mean that something needs to be fixed.
  • Bug Fix: the Checker crashed when addresses contained '[' or ']' characters (Bug 5942)
  • Bug Fix: the Checker crashed when the page used a standalone attribute in the XML declaration (Bug 6283)
  • Bug Fix: the MINIMIZE test could be triggered incorrectly because comments were counted twice (Bug 6285)
  • Bug Fix: the MINIMIZE test could also be triggered incorrectly because comments were not properly extracted (Bug 6286)
  • Bug Fix: Rules for checking SSL certificates were too strict. The HTTPS-1 message could be triggered incorrectly (Bug 6313)
  • Improvement: the Checker is more resistant to fairly invalid HTML pages (Bug 6373)
  • Bug Fix: META_HTTP_EQUIV-2 was raised incorrectly (Bug 6387)
2008-12-08 — 1.0.0 release:

The 1.0.0 release of the W3C mobileOK Checker follows the publication of the W3C mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0 specification as a final W3C Recommendation. Changes include:

  • Bugs in the open source mobileOK Checker Java library were fixed. The library is conformant to the final version of the specification.
  • The structure of the report returned by the Checker now follows a logical view by category. The view by Test is still available as an option.
  • Failure and warning messages were improved and are articulated around 3 different axes: what is the message about? Why was the message triggered and why is it important? How can the underlying content be improved?
  • Links to external tutorials were added when possible.
  • The Checker now returns the level of mobile-friendliness of the address that was checked as a global score between 0 and 100, instead of the former binary valid/invalid status.
  • The size of the different components of the page (the page itself, the images, the style sheets) as well as the number of HTTP requests needed to render the page is detailed.
2008-07-31 — 1.0.0 Beta release:

The 1.0.0 Beta release of the W3C mobileOK Checker is based on a nearly complete version of the open source mobileOK Checker Java library, developed and maintained by the Checker Task Force of the Mobile Web Best Practices Working Group. Further changes may be needed depending on changes made to the W3C mobileOK Basic Tests 1.0 working draft.

The mobileOK Checker User Interface, developed and maintained by W3C Staff, acts as a wrapper to the library. The Checker reports the error by mobileOK test.