Generic News/NNTP Browsing

**	(c) COPYRIGHT MIT 1995.
**	Please first read the full copyright statement in the file COPYRIGH.

This news browser generates listings for NNTP reponses. This module contains the protocol independent code and it produces the HTML object. It is only included if the NNTP.

This module is implemented by HTNDir.c, and it is a part of the W3C Sample Code Library.

#ifndef HTNDIR_H
#define HTNDIR_H
#include "HTReq.h"

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" { 

What Should the Listings Look Like?

You can set how the listings are to be sorted using the following flags.

typedef enum _HTNewsDirKey {
    HT_NDK_NONE		= 0,			/* Unsorted */
    HT_NDK_INDEX  	= 1,			/* Sort by Message Number */
    HT_NDK_DATE   	= 2,			/* Sort by date */
    HT_NDK_SUBJECT	= 3,			/* Sort by Subject */
    HT_NDK_FROM		= 4,			/* Sort by Sender */
    HT_NDK_GROUP	= 5,			/* Sort group listing */
    HT_NDK_REFTHREAD    = 6  /* Sort messages by date and thread Added by MP */
} HTNewsDirKey;

The News Listing Object

The news listing object handles the generation of a news listing. It is a bit like a stream in that it accept data, but it must be formatted in a special way which makes the normal stream architecture inadequate.

Create a News Listing Object

Creates a structured stream object and sets up the initial HTML stuff Returns the dir object if OK, else NULL

typedef struct _HTNewsDir HTNewsDir;
extern HTNewsDir * HTNewsDir_new (HTRequest * request, const char * title,
				  HTNewsDirKey key, BOOL cache);

Add a Line to the List

This function accepts a news line. Everything except dir and nama can can be 0 or NULL. Returns YES if OK, else NO

typedef struct _HTNewsNode HTNewsNode;
extern HTNewsNode * HTNewsDir_addElement (HTNewsDir * dir, int index,
                                          char * subject,
				          char * from, time_t date,
                                          char * name,
				          int refs, HTList * refNames);
extern HTNewsNode * HTNewsDir_addGroupElement (HTNewsDir * dir, char * group,
                                               BOOL tmplate);

Check Whether Group Belongs to the Group Set

Returns TRUE if group belongs to set, e.g. group "soc.rec.jokes" belongs to the set "soc.rec.*". Added by MP

extern BOOL HTNewsDir_belongsToSet (HTNewsDir* dir, char* group);

Free a News Listing Object

If we are sorting then do the sorting and put out the list, else just append the end of the list.

extern BOOL HTNewsDir_free (HTNewsDir * dir);
#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif /* HTNDIR */

@(#) $Id: HTNDir.html,v 2.9 2005/11/11 14:03:15 vbancrof Exp $