Hash Table Class

Written and integrated into libwww by John Punin - thanks!

This module is implemented by HTHash.c, and is a part of the W3C Sample Code Library.

This HashTable class implements a simple hash table to keep objects associated with key words.

#ifndef HTHASH_H
#define HTHASH_H

#include "HTList.h"

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" { 

typedef struct _HTHashtable HTHashtable;

struct _HTHashtable {
    void **table;
    int count;
    int size;
typedef struct _keynode keynode;

struct _keynode {
    char *key;
    void *object;

Creation and Deletion Methods

These methods create and deletes a Hash Table

extern HTHashtable *	HTHashtable_new	(int size);

extern BOOL	HTHashtable_delete (HTHashtable *me);

Add an Element to a HashTable

extern BOOL HTHashtable_addObject (HTHashtable *me, const char *key, void *newObject);

Remove an Element from a HashTable

extern BOOL HTHashtable_removeObject (HTHashtable *me, const char *key);

Search for an Element in a Hash Table

extern void *	HTHashtable_object (HTHashtable * me, const char *key);

Size of a Hash Table

extern int	HTHashtable_count  (HTHashtable *me);

Walk all the elements in a Hash Table

Walking the hashtable calls the specified function pointer with each key and object that is in the hash table. If the callback function returns 0, the walking stops. If it returns a negative number, the current element is removed from the hash table. Return a positive number to keep going.

Note that it is legal for the walkFunc to call HTHashtable_removeObject() on any element in the current hash table except the current one (if you intend to keep going, that is). The only legal way to delete the current element while continuing to walk the table is to use the negative return value.

extern BOOL	HTHashtable_walk (HTHashtable *me, int (*walkFunc)(HTHashtable *, char *, void *));

Extract in a dynamic array all keys of the Hash Table

extern HTArray * HTHashtable_keys  (HTHashtable *me);

Print the keys of the Hash Table

extern void HTHashtable_print (HTHashtable *me);
#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif  /* HTHASH_H */

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