Dynamic Array Pointer Class

**	(c) COPYRIGHT MIT 1995.
**	Please first read the full copyright statement in the file COPYRIGH.
This module implements a flexible array of pointers. It is a general utility module. An array is a structure which may be extended. These routines create and append data to arrays, automatically reallocating them as necessary. It is garanteed that the last entry in an array is NULL This module is implemented by HTArray.c, and it is a part of the W3C Sample Code Library.
#ifndef HTARRAY_H
#define HTARRAY_H

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" { 

Private Data Structure

This structure should not be referenced outside this module. If I find out I'll make it private ;-)
typedef struct {
    int		size;		/* In numbers of elements	*/
    int		growby;		/* Allocation unit in elements	*/
    int		allocated;	/* Current size of *data	*/
    void **	data;		/* Pointer to malloced area or 0 */
} HTArray;

Create a new Array

Create a new array and specify the number of bytes to allocate at a time when the array is later extended. Arbitrary but normally a trade-off time vs. memory
extern HTArray * HTArray_new (int grow);

Delete an Array

Delete an array created by HTArray_new
extern BOOL HTArray_delete (HTArray * array);

Clear an Array

Clears an array but keeps it around
extern BOOL HTArray_clear (HTArray * array);

Append an element to the Array

Add the element to the array.
extern BOOL HTArray_addObject (HTArray * array, void * object);

Traverse an Array

Fast macros to traverse a macro ending in a NULL element.
#define HTArray_firstObject(me, dp) \
	((me) && ((dp)=(me)->data) ? *(dp)++ : NULL)
#define HTArray_nextObject(me, dp) \
	((me) && (dp) ? *(dp)++ : NULL)

Sort an Array

An array can be sorted in any way you like, for example with qsort(). This module provides an easy interface to the qsort() function using where you can define you own comparison routine as a function of the type:
typedef int HTComparer (const void * a, const void * b);
The sort function returns YES if sorting OK, else NO.
extern BOOL HTArray_sort (HTArray * array, HTComparer * comp);

Returns Data Vector

Returns a pointer to the actual data
#define HTArray_data(me)	((me) ? (me)->data : NULL)

Return Current Size

Returns the current size of the chunk
#define HTArray_size(me)	((me) ? (me)->size : -1)
#ifdef __cplusplus


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