Bug in Proxy Handling


In the 4.0pre6 Library's HTProxy_find() function (version of "4 Jun 95 Written on a rainy day") the comparison of port numbers in the "noproxy" case doesn't work when the port is defaulted. The code looks for a port number attached to the hostname, but if there is no port attached to the port name the code assumes a port number of 0. Seems that the default port should be the default port for the access scheme, or perhaps HTParse(url, , PARSE_HOST) should return a host with the default port number attached. Or perhaps I'm using HTNoProxy_add() incorrectly; I'm specifying a "no-proxy" for access "http" and port 80:
	HTNoProxy_add("bits.cv.hp.com", "http", 80);
Tom Gaskins, Thu, 30 Nov 1995 15:24:19


The problem is that URLs are canonicalized so that for example http URLs don't have a ":80". This confuses the comparison routine when looking for if a request should be proxied or not.


No patch yet

Henrik Frystyk, libwww@w3.org, @(#) $Id: lib_4.0_bug_1.html,v 1.2 1996/12/09 03:22:20 jigsaw Exp $