W3C libwww

Libwww Survey

The survey is now closed. I haven't found time to compile the results. Help is welcome. I hope to do so in January. You can consult the survey answers in the on-line archive. --jose

We're conducting a survey so that we can get a better idea of what are libwww's limitations, where new developments/effort should be invested, and how many people are actively using it.

To participate, please download the survey text form, answer it, and mail it to www-lib-survey@w3.org.
You can follow the answers to the survey on the dedicated mailing list archive.

The survey is open from September 22 up to October 6, 2000. The results will be made available on this page, and will also be posted to the regular libwww mailing list.

Thanks for your comments and views!

N.B. This survey doesn't mean that W3C plans to invest more resources on libwww or its further development. We expect this effort to come from the open source community.

Jose Kahan,