History of Revert Requests

Following is an informal list of revert requests which were made based on the Enhanced change control after the Last Call cutoff policy currently in effect.

While not an absolute requirement, revert requests tend to receive more serious consideration if they are:

What is, however, a hard requirement is that all requests and seconds must conform to the Discussion Guidelines.

Dates Initial Commit Revert Request Revert Notes
Tweak hidden='''s definition a bit to be more consistent with likely usage scenarios. Revert Request (second, third, fourth)
Revert request for r6895
Apply W3C chair revert request (to W3C copy only). Fix markup typo.
Drop <time> and replace it with <data>. Drop the Atom conversion section entirely. Convert a bunch of examples that used to use <time pubdate> to using schema.org, to show how to annotate publication dates and the like in a machine-processable way. revert request for http://html5.org/r/6783 dropping of time element, adding of data element (second, third)
Revert request for r6783 (partially vacated)
Bug 13240
tweak authoring conformance requirements to prevent some meaningless combinations. revert request for http://html5.org/r/6574 (second)
Revert request for r6574
revert r6574 per chair request Bug 13291
Disallow some combinations that would indicate element misuse. Re: revert request for spec change http://html5.org/tools/web-apps-tracker?from=6609&to=6610 (second, third)
Revert request for r6610, and moving forward on ISSUE-129
revert r6610 per chair request Bug 13265
Update how CORS works with <img> and <video> (and <audio> and <track>). revert request for change made to the HTML5 spec 23/05/2011 Bug 12888
Further discourage misuse of <canvas> that cannot be made accessible or usable. revert request for change made to the HTML5 spec 23/05/2011 (second)
RE: revert request for change made to the HTML5 spec 23/05/20
apply chair revert request

remove <hgroup> from the w3c spec by request of steven faulkner Re: hgroup (second)
Revert request for r6052, moving forward on bug 11828 and issue 164
revert change per http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2011May/0061.html Bug 11828
Issue 164

Discourage cargo-cult authoring that would lead to poor accessibility. Change made to WAI-ARIA section (second)
Revert request for r6040, and moving forward on bug 11557
apply chair request Bug 11557

apply wg decision request to the HTML WG Chairs on ISSUE-129 aria-mapping (second)
Revert request for r5981, and moving forward on ISSUE-129
revert change per http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2011Apr/0272.html Issue 129
Bug 10066
apply wg decision (ARIA defaults)
note some things we should really change one day but can't yet because of the w3c decision

Bring the spec more in line with what the browsers do for video (largely, ignoring Content-Type). This will probably be tweaked further once Adam's draft has a section dedicated to sniffing media container formats. premature resolution of bug 11984, was: ISSUE-145 (codecs-vs-octet): Chairs Solicit Proposals (second)
Request for revert on bug 11984
revert r5836 per http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-html/2011Mar/0002.html; warning added Issue 145
Bug 11984

add a warning while we try to resolve the publishing problem OFFICIAL PROTEST - Current Editor's Draft MUST be a W3C document (second)
Request to Revert revision 1.4525
reverted r1.4524 after discussion with chairs and plh

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