Developer Notes

To build, you will have to pull from Subversion.

svn checkout svgweb-read-only

Building is currently done consistently on Mac OS X and Linux.

Windows XP is reported to build, but with some issues, using "MingW and msys" (see Issue 176 comment #4).

You need the flex/flash SDK, the java runtime*, and the java sdk**.

Respectively, that means mxmlc, java, and javac should be in your path.

*If you do not compress the javascript, you do not need the java runtime

**You can comment out the webserver.jar target if you have a web server and then you do not need the java sdk.

Change to the top level directory where the Makefile is.

To clobber the build:

make clean

To make a build:

make all

To control whether the JS is compressed (by default it is not):

make all COMPRESS=1

To control whether tests are copied into the build/ directory (not copied by default; these are located in tests/).

make all COPY_TESTS=1

Once building you will need to access things using the local web server as normal in build/. See the Quick Start guide for details on running the provided java webserver.

If you have your own web server, you can run the following command, which will copy files to your web server directory. Substitute the appropriate directory for your system below.

make install SVGSRV=/var/www/html