Tests that contain the draft-watermark are under development and may be incorrectly testing a feature.



raster image of text-tselect-01-b.svg

Operator Script

Run the test. No interaction required.

Pass Criteria

For basic viewers conformant acion is as described above if there is a text selection mechanism. Since text selection is optional on a basic device if text selection is not implemented then this test is a pass, move on to the next test.

Test Description

Test text selection.

Run the test. Make a text selection in the upper block of text, and verify that text selection is possible and that the selection does not extend across multiple lines. Now make a text selection in the lower block of text, verifying that the selection does extend over multiple lines. Thus, it should be possible to start text selection at the start of the "However" and drag through the end of "same time." and the all four lines should be selected.