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raster image of pservers-grad-04-b.svg

Operator Script

Run the test. No interaction required.

Pass Criteria

The test passes if the rendering matches the reference image, except for any differences in text due to CSS2 rules.

Test Description

Test that checks the capability of the stop element in linear and radial gradients.

The first rectangle has a linear gradient fill with a vector starting at top left and going to bottom right. The stop colors are at 20% spacing apart and are in the following order : violet, blue, lime, yellow, orange, green. Because the gradient vector vector goes from (0,0) to (1,1) in object bounding box space and because the object bounding box has a larger width than height, the gradient vector is skewed off of a pure 45 degree angle. The gradient stripes are also skewed so that they are no longer perpendicular to the gradient vector.

The next rectangle has a radial gradient fill with a multi-color stops from innermost to outermost in the following order: black, yellow, orange, blue, white, green.