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raster image of paths-dom-02-f.svg

Operator Script

The roundness of the petals is animated from star-like sharp petals to softly rounded petals and back again, and is repeated like that until the animation stops. The number of petals should increase one by one until the flower has a total of 12 petals, and then go back one by one until it has 6 petals, then increase again one by one until the flower has 9 petals. Then the animation will stop. The rendered image should look exactly like the reference image.

If the flower is clicked after the animation has finished, it will restart the animation and repeat it for some time.

Pass Criteria

[[Describe the pass criteria of the test here. The pass criteria is what should be displayed when the test is run.]]

Test Description

This test is designed to test the PathSegList interface. At first a flower-like shape with 6 petals should be displayed. The roundness and number of petals are then animated using script.