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raster image of masking-path-14-f.svg

Operator Script

Run the test. No interaction required

Pass Criteria

Test passes if there are two black rectangles, and there is no red visible on the page.

Test Description

The 'clipPath' element itself and its children elements do not inherit clipping paths from ancestors of the 'clipPath' element.

Overlay a red 'rect' with a black 'rect' of a larger size. Define a 'clipPath' with a 'rect' of the same size as the red 'rect', but different 'x' and 'y' offsets. Reference that 'clipPath' from a 'g' element containing another 'clipPath' element. In this latter 'clipPath', specify a 'rect' of the same size and same 'x' and 'y' offsets as the red 'rect', and reference it from the black 'rect' element. Reference the same 'clipPath' elements, but this time with a black 'rect' which overlays a red 'rect' of a larger size. If there is no red on the page, the first 'clipPath' was not inherited by the second 'clipPath'.