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raster image of linking-uri-01-b.svg

Operator Script

In turn, activate each of the "Rectangle", "Ellipse", "Polygon" and "Circle" links in the gray box in the middle of the document, navigating back (for example with the Back button if in a browser) after activating each one.

Pass Criteria

The test is passed if all of the sub-tests have the correct behavior:

Test Description

Verify the capability to handle links to 'view' elements, and the permissible attributes on those elements. All of the links in this test case are internal, i.e., to 'view' elements in the same SVG file.

This test is identical to linking-uri-02-b except that the links there are external.

In the four quadrants of the initial picture are four graphical objects. Clockwise from upper right, they are a purple rectangle, blue ellipse, green polygon (pentagon), and yellow circle. Each is labelled and tightly boxes with a rectangular frame. These are identical to their counterparts in linking-uri-01-b.svg, in which file each has an associated 'view' element, with attributes per the labels in the initial picture.

In the center is a gray box with four lines of text, each of which says "Go to" followed by Rectangle, Ellipse, Polygon, and Circle, respectively. Each of these is contained within an 'a' element, whose xlink:href names the respective 'view' element of the respective graphical object.

There are several reference images associated with this test case. The first illustrates the correct initial state of the rendered SVG file, which should also be the correct picture after the Rectangle link is executed. The second, third, and fourth illustrate the correct images as described above after respectively the Ellipse, Polygon, and Circle links are activated. (Note. This harness does not yet provide access to multiple PNGs; the PNG for the initial view is shown.)

The test uses the 'rect', 'circle', 'ellipse', and 'polygon' elements, as well as basic fill (solid simple colors), stroke (black and colored 1-pixel lines), font-family (Arial) and font-size properties.