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raster image of linking-a-07-t.svg

Operator Script

Click each of the arrows once.

Pass Criteria

The test has passed if:

Test Description

Verify that the target attribute on the 'a' element takes precedence over the xlink:show attribute. There are three subtests, in each of which two similarly colored arrows comprise the content of an 'a' element. The arrow on the left, outlined in blue, has no "target" attribute; the arrow on the right, outlined in red, has a "target" attribute. The link destination is expressed by "xlink:href=". The initial view of this test contains the six arrows, labelling text, and the usual template legend and frame.

The top-most (yellow) arrows link to an external SVG file, which is local (in the same directory). The target file contains SVG 'text' elements which comprise a TOC and brief description of all of the test files for Linking.

The middle (green) arrows links to the same external SVG file, but with xlink:show="new".

The bottom-most (blue) arrows links to the same external SVG file, but with xlink:show="replace".