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raster image of fonts-desc-04-t.svg

Operator Script

Run the test. No interaction required.

Pass Criteria

The first line of text should produce a square followed by a triangle.

The second line should produce a square followed by a triangle.

The third line should produce in first place either a triangle, a diamond, or a letter 'a' in some fallback font. (All are correct,and depend on which font is chosen for fallback). This is followed by two diamonds.

Test Description

This test demonstrates CSS font matching based on the font-style attribute.

The first line of text tests selecting an italic font.

The second line tests that order of font definition does not effect correct matching.

The third line tests selecting an italic and an oblique font. Italic can match against oblique or italic, but all other values must match exactly. The letter 'a' will be an UA-dependent default font-family, it should be oblique, possiblely a transformation of a normal font.