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raster image of coords-units-02-b.svg

Operator Script

Run the test. No interaction required.

Pass Criteria

In the first two tests, that validate coordinate processing, the circles should have the same center. In the following two tests, the rectangles should have the same height and width. And finally, in the last test, the 3 skewed circles should have the same radius.

The rendered image should match the reference image except for the text which may show minor differences, per CSS2 rules for font selection and matching.

Test Description

Verify the conversion processing of CSS units and percentage values for both coordinates and length values. Note that the test uses the CSS px unit to be usable in all pixel resolutions. Hence, the conversion from other CSS units to CSS px is left out of the test.

There are six atomic tests in this test. For each, the approach is to draw two similar elements (circles or rects) with coordinates specified in user space for one and in CSS units or percentage for the other. Each test is such that these two values (or value pairs) should match.