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raster image of animate-interact-pevents-04-t.svg

Operator Script

Slowly move the mouse over the rectangles in each row while checking the pass criteria.

Pass Criteria

The test is passed if the following conditions are met:

Test Description

Tests the pointer-events attribute with different painting values

The 2nd and 3rd columns represent respectively rects with no fill/stroke and transparent fill/stroke. The 4th column has visibility set to hidden.

The first row tests pointer-events="painted", i.e. event on fill and stroke that are set. The second row tests pointer-events="fill", i.e. event on a fill that is set. The third row tests pointer-events="stroke", i.e. even on a stroke that is et. The fourth row tests pointer-events="all", i.e. event on fill and stroke that are set. The fifth row tests pointer-events="none", i.e. no event.