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raster image of animate-interact-pevents-01-t.svg

Operator Script

Using the pointer device move the cursor over each of the four black-stroked rectangles from left to right. As the mouseover event triggers, the 'O':s will become visible and marked in either green (a pass) or red (an immediate fail). Some 'O':s will not change when the pointer is moved over them.

Pass Criteria

The test has passed if after moving the cursor over all the rects:

  1. all the 'O':s in the green rects have green fill
  2. there are no red 'O':s visible
  3. there are 9 green 'O':s in the first and second rect, 4 in the third rect and 6 in the fourth rect

Test Description

This test tests 'pointer-events' on text. Initially you should see four big rects with black stroke. In the uppermost rect there should be 10 'O':s with black fill. In the second rect from the top there should be 10 'O':s with no fill but with black stroke. In the third and fourth rects there should be no visible 'O':s at all. In the fourth rect there should be two green rects, and in each of the other three rects there should be one green rect.