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raster image of animate-elem-13-t.svg

Operator Script

Run the test. No interaction required.

Pass Criteria

The six orange rectangles should simultaneously animate their widths so that their right edges line up with the ruler lines at the indicated time. From time 0 - 2 seconds all rectangles should have their right edges lined up with the leftmost ruler line, and at time 2 seconds the animation should start, changing the widths of all the rectangles from 30 to 300. At time 5 seconds the animation should stop and the rectangles should all line up with the rightmost ruler line.

Test Description

Test 'from', 'by', 'to' and 'values'.

Six animations have been defined. All six animations define the same simultaneous behavior, but use different combinations of attributes 'from', 'by', 'to' and 'values'. In all cases, from time 2 seconds to time 5 seconds, the rectangle should change from a width of 30 to a width of 300.

The text on each line shows the attributes that were used for that particular animation.