SVG Template 1.0, Part 1: Primer

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This is a template for an SVG Module. Please explain the use cases and needs that this module meets. This specification provides magical, transformative, and eschaton-immanentizing functionality for SVG.

Although originally designed for use in SVG, some aspects of this specification are defined in XML and are accessed via presentation properties, and therefore could be used in other environments, such as HTML styled with CSS and XSL:FO.

This document introduces the features used by SVG Template, for the use of the average developer or author.

Status of This Document

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This document is the first public working draft of this specification. There is an accompanying SVG Template 1.0, Part 2: Language that defines the features of SVG Template described in this specification.

This document has been produced by the W3C SVG Working Group as part of the W3C Graphics Activity within the Interaction Domain.

We explicitly invite comments on this specification. Please send them to www-svg@w3.org (archives), the public email list for issues related to vector graphics on the Web. Acceptance of the archiving policy is requested automatically upon first post to either list. To subscribe to this list, please send an email to www-svg-request@w3.org with the word subscribe in the subject line.

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How to read this document and give feedback

This is a primer for the SVG Template specification. It gives guidelines on how to use the SVG Template specification with SVG 1.2. In many cases the reader will have to be familiar with the SVG language.

Template in SVG

This document is informative.

Describe the technology and specification here.


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