SOAP over Java Message Service 1.0 Test Suite

Note: this document is still very much a work in progress.


One of the deliverables specified in the Charter of the SOAP-JMS Binding Working Group is a test suite intended to promote implementation of the Candidate Recommendation, and to assess interoperability between these implementations.

The test suite will be maintained by the Working Group and remain available for regression testing beyond publication of the SOAP-JMS Binding Recommendation, however it is not expected that the test suite will form a part of the Recommendation.


Conformance to this Test Suite does not by itself enable a party to claim conformance with the SOAP-JMS Binding specification. Not passing an individual test may be used as an indication that an implementation is likely not to conform to the SOAP-JMS Binding specification.

A SOAP-JMS Binding implementation that passes all of the tests specified in this document may claim conformance to the SOAP-JMS Binding Test Suite (Release-Date).


The Test Suite contains:

The collection of test cases that make up the conformance test suite, including assertions applied to each captured message.
message exchange patterns
The various message exchange patterns that are tested by the test suite.
test assertions
A summary of the various test assertions that exist in the SOAP-JMS Binding specification, along with a list of testcases that test each assertion.

Test Case Metadata

This Test Suite consists of a collection of testcases. Each test case is described using the following test case metadata:

An unambiguous xml:id value to enable the test case to be referenced within a specific version of the test suite.
A friendly name for the test case.
A description of the nature and characteristics of the test case to assist reviewers in understanding the purpose of the test and provide those executing the test with any additional information that will be helpful should the test fail.
Message Exchange
The concrete message exchange pattern used by a particular test case. The following nodes should be used when providing testcases:

Node Description
A Represents a message sending node.
B Represents a message receiving node.
One or more example messages that represent the SOAP messages that are exchanged for a particular test case.


The Test Suite consists entirely of voluntary contributions of tests from interested parties. We encourage all members of the community to consider contributing any tests they may have developed to the Test Suite.

Tests may be submitted to the Suite in the form of an Email sent to An archive is available at Submitted testcases should be released to the Test Suite by completing the Test Case Grant II Form.

When contributing materials to the Test Suite, it is helpful if each individual test case cites the metadata such message exchange patterns exhibited in a format suitable for adding to testcases.xml. The submission should include complete examples of the messages exchanged as XML documents.

Where possible, the tests should re-use existing operations and message exchanges, however the submission may also include details of any new scenarios which the test case exhibits, in which case providing any additional metadata such as WSDL 1.1 and WSDL 2.0 documents will be of value.


The Test Suite is still under construction. The testcase and scenario identifiers will remain stable and should an item be removed, the identifier won't be reused to avoid confusion.


The Test Suite will periodically be made available in the form of a single file:

SOAP over Java Message Service 1.0 Test Suite

Phil Adams, Editors
Roland Merrick, Chair