MAWG Relation METS How to do the mapping Datatype XPath
Descriptive Properties (Core Set)
identifier more specific CONTENTIDS URIs */contentids
title more specific LABEL xsd:string */label
language N/A N/A
locator N/A N/A
contributor exact agent complextype agent metsHdr/agent
creator more specific agent complextype agent metsHdr/agent
date exact CREATEDATE xsd:dateTime metsHdr/CREATEDATE
location N/A N/A
Content description
description N/A N/A
keyword N/A N/A
genre related TYPE xsd:string */type
rating N/A N/A
relation related mptr METS Pointer structMap/div/mptr
collection N/A N/A
copyright N/A N/A
policy N/A N/A
publisher N/A N/A
targetAudience N/A N/A
fragments N/A N/A
namedFragments N/A N/A
Technical Properties
frameSize N/A N/A
compression N/A N/A
duration N/A N/A
format related MIMETYPE xsd:String file/MIMETYPE
samplingRate N/A N/A
frameRate N/A N/A
averageBitRate N/A N/A
numTracks N/A N/A