XQuery Update Facility Test Suite


The XQuery Update Facility Test Suite (XQUTS) was designed to test whether the W3C XQuery Update Facility can be implemented interoperably as published. If you have implemented the XQuery Update Facility, using this test suite facility is a good way to ensure that your implementation follows the specification, and to identify aspects of the specification that should be changed if there are implementability issues. Sending us your test suite results helps the XML Query Working Group to satisfy the requirements to progress toward W3C Recommendation status.

Use CVS to get the test suite:

$ export CVSROOT=":pserver:anonymous@dev.w3.org:/sources/public"
$ cvs login
(Logging in to anonymous@dev.w3.org)
CVS password: anonymous
$ cvs get 2007/xquery-update-10-test-suite/ 

You can also browse the testsuite using CVSWeb at http://dev.w3.org/cvsweb/2007/xquery-update-10-test-suite/.

The XQuery Update Facility Test Suite contains a catalog that contains general information on the test suite as well as test descriptions for each of the test cases included in this release. Test queries and expected results are contained in individual files. All interpretations of this Recommendation are subject to confirmation by the XML Query Working Group.

Implementors are encouraged 1) to write a harness for this test suite and to test their implementations and 2) to report their results to the XML Query Working Group. All of these areas are discussed in greater detail below.


XQUTS 1.0.1 reflects the third publication of the W3C XQuery Update Facility Candidate Recommendation (published on June 9, 2009). It reflects changes that have been made to XQUTS 1.0.0 in response to public comments.


Version Date File
current Sept. 27, 2010 XQUTS_current.zip
XQUTS 1.0.1 July 27, 2010 XQUTS_1_0_1.zip
XQUTS 1.0.0 Aug. 13, 2009 XQUTS_1_0_0.zip
XQUTS 0.7 Oct. 22, 2007 -

We have provided release notes that describe the changes that have been applied to each version of this test suite.

Running the Test Suite

We encourage you, the implementors of the XQuery Update Facility, to run these tests and send us your results. These results will help us exit Candidate Recommendation (described in the W3C Process).

As there is no de jure or de facto API for implementations of XQuery, we are not able to provide a test harness to execute these tests. You will have to write your own test harnesses.

We have provided Guidelines for Running the XML Query Update Test Suite to assist you in running these tests. These guidelines will tell you how the queries may be modified before they are executed and how to compare your actual results with the expected results that we have provided.

Reporting a Problem

If you believe that some of the queries or their expected results are incorrect, then we encourage you to enter bug reports in the public instance of Bugzilla at W3C, http://www.w3.org/Bugs/Public/. Please include the query and test results you believe are correct as attachments to the bug report.

To enter a bug report you will need a Bugzilla signon (email address and password). You can create this signon by following the Open a new Bugzilla account link on the Bugzilla Main Page. General information on Bugzilla, an open-source bug tracking system, is available at http://www.bugzilla.org/. The standard documentation for the version currently being run on the W3C server is available at http://www.bugzilla.org/docs/2.20/html/.

To enter a bug report in Bugzilla you will need to log in, choose the action "New", and then choose the "XQuery Update Facility Test Suite" product. Please be specific about the problem that you are reporting. Clearly identify the test case or test cases that are problematic. If you believe that the expected result is wrong, then tell us what result you believe is correct. If you believe that another result for a test case is justified, then please tell us what it is. In both cases, please cite portions of one or more of the XQuery specifications that support your position.

Submission of Test Suite Results

When you are ready to submit your results to us, we ask that you follow the guidelines provided in Guidelines for Submitting XML Query Update Test Suite Results. These guidelines will tell you how to generate an XML result document that we can use to generate our reports. They will also tell you how to generate your own report from the XML result file.

If you have indicated that you wish your results to be displayed as “Anonymous”, then please send them to the XML Query WG Team Contact, Liam Quin. Otherwise, please send them to Andrew Eisenberg, cc'ing www-archive@w3.org.

We encourage you to send us results early, and then to send us updates as the XQuery Update Facility Test Suite progresses and as your implementation progresses.


Distributed under both the W3C Test Suite License and the W3C 3-clause BSD License. To contribute to a W3C Test Suite, see the policies and contribution forms.

Test Suite Results

We have received results from the following XQuery Update Facility implementations:

We have generated both summary and detail reports from these results.

Both summary and detail reports for XQUTS 1.0.0 can also be seen.

Contacting Us

Questions about the XQuery Update Facility Test Suite can be sent to the XQTS public mailing list. Messages sent to this list can be seen in public-xqts-comments@w3.org Mail Archives.


The following members of the XML Query Working Group participated in the development of this test suite:

Carmelo Montanez (NIST), Andrew Eisenberg (IBM), John Snelson (MarkLogic), Jonathan Robie (Red Hat), Michael Dyck (invited expert), Michael Kay (invited expert), Zhen Hua Liu (Oracle)

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