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Look at the Eclipse documentation to configure your editing tool. SML uses the public CVS Repository ( You want to check out 2007/xml/sml.


sml-source.xml: contains the main source for SML 1.1.

sml-if-source.xml: contains the main source for SML IF 1.1.

*.xsd: contains the XML Schema documents associated with SML and SMLF IF

common.dtd: contains values used by the files above. Modified this file if you're going to publish a public version of the document on /TR.

namespace*.xhtml: contains the namespace documents associated with SML and SML IF.

*.rdf: contains the list of current and previous participants in the group.

xmlspec.dtd: the DTD for xmlspec documents, avoid touching it.

extra/ : This directory is used during the building of the specification, you can safely ignore it.

xsl/ : This directory contains various XSL files used during the transformation

build/: This directory is where the final documents are.

build/ns: This directory is where the final namespace and schema documents are.

tools/: This directory contains various jar files used by ant. Don't touch.

build.xml: the ant file. Works well with ant 1.7 at least.

Ant tasks

Most of the time, you will use the task "html". It takes the sources and produces the final documents (build/sml.html and build/sml-if.html). The "main" task does the same except that it updates the acknowledgments in the process. The "clean" task will remove all generated contents.

Note: you might see some warnings, generated by saxon, indicating you're applying XSLT 1.0 style sheets with an XSLT 2 engine. You can safely ignore those here.

The transformation goes through several stages:

  1. validate sml-source.xml and sml-if-source.xml
  2. transform *.xsd into their final form in build/ns/*.xsd (add copyright information, remove the use of common.dtd, ...)
  3. transform sml-source.xml and sml-if-source.xml into XML files. It applies xinclude and a few heuristic to determine some of the URIs.
  4. transform the result of the previous action into the final HTML documents: build/sml.html and build/sml-if.html).

Check in

For an editors' copy: you want to check in sml-source.xml, sml-if-source.xml, *.xsd, build/sml.html, and build/sml-if.html.

For a publication: you want to check in sml-source.xml, sml-if-source.xml, *.xsd, and *.rdf.


First, update common.dtd. The following section should be updated and UNcommented:


<!ENTITY draft.year "2007">
<!ENTITY draft.month "July">
<!ENTITY "07">
<!ENTITY "4">
<!ENTITY draft.dd "04">

<!ENTITY status "wd">

Then, use the task "publication". This will create build/ and build/ Check the trace of the ant process closely since the task applies several tests and may tell you if something could need your attention. The zip files contains the HTML documents, their XML versions, the namespace documents and the schema documents. Note that a lot of tests are done on the documents, in particular the pubrules checker. I should take unzip in a temporary web location and have the pubrules checker check that online document. The webmaster will run the pubrules checker in any case and will refuse to publish until the problems have been fixed.